Anonymous said: Do you workout?

I like to bike and kayak and rock climb! I’m not one of those “get swoll, bro” people, though…

Anonymous said: How old are you?

Twenty-three and a half years of age.

Anonymous said: what's your favorite album?

Oh man… top several: For Emma, Forever Ago (Bon Iver); It’s all crazy! It’s all false! It’s all a dream! It’s Alright! (mewithoutYou); the Atlas collection (Sleeping at Last).

Anonymous said: are you reading anything right now?

I am currently reading Bonhoeffer’s “Ethics” and Kerouac’s “On the Road” because apparently I like hard books.

Anonymous said: has the summer brought you any potential girlfriends?

Not yet!

Anonymous said: i think you're an all around great guy. keep doing what you're doing.

Well this just made my morning!

Anonymous said: Do you prefer Southern or Nortern California?

I haven’t spent much time in Northern California, actually. I have a feeling I would like it, though. As long as they don’t keep saying “hella”.

Anonymous said: Do you like s'mores?

Am I a human being?!

Anonymous said: What do you like most about Santa Barbara?

Honestly, not that big of a fan of SB as a city. I really enjoy the friends I’ve made here and my program, though!

Anonymous said: Do you like the beach?

I like the ocean, but not the sand.